Lets us take that wild game and create beautiful food.

Look at our delicious menu of options.

Food that will not sit in your freezer.

Basic Processing

Our basic processing includes steaks and ground meat. However, you can spice it up with getting your ground meat mixed 50/50 with pork meat, which will make it moist and juicy.

Smoked Meats

We are hunters our selves and we love smoke. We can craft for you succulent sausage and jerky on site. We do not ship your meat off to get processed by someone else. We do everything in house.

Specialty Products

We have many unique products that many processors do not do. Our chorizo is produced in a true Texas fashion with a mix of Texas and Mexico. We can produce link sausage that is raw if you want to try your hand at smoking your own.

We hand cut each deer methodically to give you the best product.

B&B Processing

B&B Processing

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